December 7-10, 2017

Wyndham Virginia Crossings Hotel & Conference Center
1000 Virginia Center Parkway
Glen Allen, Viginia 23059 - (804) 727-1400

Organizer and Chair:
Alphonse E. Sirica, Ph.D., M.S., Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine


Registration includes 3 days of continental breakfast, 2 days of lunch, an evening reception, and full day refreshment breaks.

Hotel Room Rate - $91 plus applicable taxes.

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(by 9/11/17)
Pre-/Postdoctoral Students

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Hepatobiliary Cancer Risk Conditions and Prevention Strategies
John D. Groopman, Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins), Hashem B. El-Serag, M.D., MPH* (Baylor), Anna Mae Diehl, M.D.* (Duke), Gyongyi Szabo, M.D., Ph.D. (UMass), Laura Beretta, Ph.D. (M.D. Anderson)

Molecular Signaling Pathways, Pathogenesis, and Hepatic Oncogenesis
George K. Michalopoulos, M.D., Ph.D.* (Univ. Pittsburgh), Michael Karin, Ph.D., (UC San Diego) Paul Monga, M.D. (Univ Pittsburgh), Lopa Mishra, M.D.* (George Washington Univ.), Mario Strazzabosco, M.D., Ph.D. (Yale), Mark A. McNiven, Ph.D. (Mayo Clinic), Nabeel M. Bardeesy, Ph.D. (Mass General)

Microenvironment and Hepatobiliary Cancer Progression
Scott Friedman, M.D.* (Mt Sinai), Robert F. Schwabe, M.D. (Columbia), Alphonse E. Sirica, Ph.D., M.S. (VCU), Gregory J. Gores, M.D.* (Mayo Clinic), Yujin Hoshida, M.D., Ph.D. (Mt. Sinai)

Abstract Driven Young Investigator Poster Session - Abstract Deadline 08/28/17



MicroRNAs in Hepatobiliary Cancer Growth, Progression, and Therapy
Gianfranco Alpini, Ph.D.* (Baylor Scott & White), Kalpana Ghoshal, Ph.D. (Ohio St), Tong Wu, M.D., Ph.D. (Tulane), Florin Selaru, M.D., M.B.A.* (Johns Hopkins); Stacie Lindsey, The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation, Keynote Lecture by Douglas R. Lowy, M.D., Acting Director of the National Cancer Institute

Genomics and Personalized Medicine for Primary Liver Cancers
Josep M. Llovet, M.D.* (Mt Sinai), Richard Finn, M.D. (UCLA), Dean W. Felsher, M.D., Ph.D. (Stanford), Snorri S. Thorgeirsson, M.D., Ph.D.* (NCI), Xin-Wei Wang, Ph.D. (NCI), Andrea J. Wilson, Blue Faery-The Adrienne Wilson Liver Cancer Association

Molecular Therapeutic Targeting of Hepatocellular and Cholangiocellular Carcinomas
Andrew X. Zhu, M.D., Ph.D.* (Mass General/Harvard), Tim F. Greten, M.D. (NCI), Mitchell Ho, Ph.D. (NCI), Lewis R. Roberts, M.B., Ch.B, Ph.D.* (Mayo Clinic), Sanford M. Simon, Ph.D. (Rockerfeller Univ)

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